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Order a website in Ottawa. Ordering the development of a website

Is it easy to order a website in Ottawa turnkey? What are the pitfalls? As a rule, wishing to save customers, trying to reduce costs by several hundred dollars, try to order the production of the site from non-professional web studios. The result of such savings is a site in which there is practically no design. At best, this is a pair of curve curves, an unreasoned structure of the resource as a whole, a large number of errors in the code that lead to poor display on tablets, laptops, and multi-format monitors. Such projects take place, and as a result the client suffers from loss of reputation of the company, and by itself throws money away. Then everything starts from scratch - searching for a new contractor to run a new site. Therefore, I do not advise you to use the services of dubious companies with suspicious jobs, performing them on free "engines", and most importantly with too low prices. I offer my own high-quality services for the development of Internet sites that will allow potential customers, based on the project budget, to order a quality, professional, harmonious, functional and selling website.

I specialize in developing sites for order for many years, all the projects I have created have modern, beautiful, thoughtful designs. The structure of the site is convenient and functional for users. My slogan is "From idea to result!". He says that my sites are designed from small things in design to technical perfection. Such an integrated approach to the development of projects, provides all customers with high and, importantly, a stable result in the form of a constant increase in business turnover. In addition to creating and fully supporting the sites in Ottawa and all over the world, I can place an order for the creation of a design or a purely web-development of any project. All services that are provided have a price balanced against the level of complexity. If we are talking about ordering quality turnkey site development, then we mean a professional approach to all stages and processes in the work on the project. It is so important and requires a qualified approach that if you treat it without due attention, the negative consequences for the customer will not be long in coming.

Order a website in Ottawa or in any other city or country is equally simple, there is no need to go to offices, but it is enough to place an order online, discuss everything online and run the project also online. The main problem that faces the customer is the preparation of a technical assignment for the site. As you know, without a well-written technical specification, it is almost impossible to develop a good project. I offer my clients joint work on the assignment, advising and clarifying the goals and nuances of the project. This will allow you to correctly determine the functionality, structure and design of your future Internet resource. To make a turnkey web site order is very simple, just leave a request for an email and I will contact you as soon as possible.
In addition to the questions you ask me, as a developer of your site, there are also questions that I will ask. Therefore, it is desirable to clarify some of the nuances in advance. For what purposes do you need a website order? Just for the presence or for the development of your business? Will he only represent your company. or through it will search for new customers, partners, orders?

Before start working on a project, you need to think about the content of the site sections in advance, draw a detailed menu of the site, the desired structure. But only you can determine what exactly will be published on your resource. What information will be available to visitors to the site? What services do you offer? In which region will you run your business? Only in Ottawa, across the country or will you go international?

It will be great if you can make a technical assignment on the site or at least fill a short brief. The following should be displayed in the task:

  • - The purpose of the website order;
  • - Site structure;
  • - Necessary set of functions;
  • - Wishes for the visual style (design);
  • - Links to websites of competitors and benchmark for examples (with commentaries).

When ordering the development of the site from me, you pay directly for the site itself, getting rid of the excessive costs that web studios include in the price of the project - office rent, salaries for numerous employees and so on. I work exceptionally remotely, I create projects like in Ottawa, and around the world.

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