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Web portal development in Canada. B2B/B2C and complex systems

The News Portal is a large informational site that is thematically oriented (news from a certain area, a print portal, a resource of a political organization), or targeted at a mass audience (popular news portal, music news portal / cinema). As a rule, such a resource contains a complex structure of headings and subheadings, a large number of blocks for various purposes, and is focused on the placement of textual information and images, unlike the media portal. It is worth noting that such a resource needs to be designed taking into account the expectations of the simultaneous activity of a large number of readers - for this it is necessary to use a special load distribution system.
Also, Web portal can be a media one - focused on finding and downloading video / audio information. In this case, the portal may have the ability to store a large amount of information on the server, or simply a convenient search engine for pages equipped with links to downloading materials from various services for storing files. Of course, these two options require a different amount of resources involved. As a rule, information portals contain a large number of advertising banners and / or contextual advertising, which is one of the basic principles of the monetization of a project that is not oriented towards a direct commercial approach.

The portal of direct sale of services is commercially oriented, and the principles of its monetization are more transparent.

  • • Offers for the sale of services, thematically divided into sections and categories (for example, the portal of search and selection of employees). This portal helps employers and applicants to quickly find each other, and the main principle of its monetization is the struggle of the owners of the questionnaires for the primacy in the search;
  • • Direct sale of services directly from the site (for example, a sports prediction portal). The principle of monetization of such a portal is obvious - selling the advice of a specialist in sports forecasting. Sale of intellectual products like this is possible directly from the site and without delays in time. For this, the portal structure provides for the possibility of using a personal account for each registered user. The buyer registers, deposits money into his account (through payment with electronic money, credit card, or using a terminal), and acquires an intellectual product instantly, thanks to the full automation of sales within the portal.
I would like to note that the various principles of monetization, as a rule, harmoniously complement each other, if the portal is well thought out and well designed. In addition, complex web portal development in Canada, or any other region, may include the creation of social networks, blog platforms, B2B/B2C format portals and other services.

Bulletin Board

Such a project is similar in structure to the portal with offers to sell services, only ads instead of job seekers. Bulletin board can be simple - for example, issued under the product "Website with a catalog." In this case, the archive of ads will have a structure of categories of several levels of attachment, thumbnails of ads corresponding to the selected section, and pages of each of the ads. However, the real bulletin board of the project scale - has significantly greater potential (for example, avito.ru or olx.ua). Depending on the need, there may be used various types of ads and additional features. The principles of monetization of such a project are recommended to use combined.

Social Network

Today, the concept of "Social Network" is familiar to almost everyone. Do not have accounts on the social network, only those for whom it is important, and people who are not faced with the Internet for geographical or social reasons. Therefore, a good social network is a serious conglomeration of interaction between friends and strangers, and stores a huge amount of information. In the social network, people find their friends, share various news with each other, create photo albums, post collections of favorite songs, find new acquaintances, join groups and clubs that unite them according to their interests - that is, they interact as closely as possible to real life, reveals great opportunities to familiarize the social network audience with various information, including advertising. The principles of monetization of social networks are contextual advertising, increasing the rating of a personal page, gifts that can be purchased and placed on the pages of friends, interesting multiplayer games within the social network, and much more.


A blog service provides any registered user the opportunity to have their own blog or diary. The diary, as a rule, keeps the thoughts and experiences of the individual, ideas about the world and memories of the exciting moments of his life. Blogs, unlike diaries, are conducted according to the principle of posting interesting information to a potential reader, which can be both oriented thematically and combined according to the principle of correspondence to the moral / ideological moods of the author of the blog. In the first case - the author of the blog tries himself as a novice editor. In the second, as an activist who wants to convey certain ideas to a wide audience. In the third - it has long been no secret that for some lovers of remote work, blogging has been a business for many years. For this, the author once needed just to start a blog on a free service, regularly post in it really carefully selected interesting news, and invite a large number of Internet users to the number of regular readers, constantly delighting them with the quality of fresh information. After that - the author received orders for unobtrusive placement of various information in his blog, both commercial and other areas. True, in order for this to become a good means of monetization, blog alone is not enough, but for many authors who have become journalists, this “game” has become the main means of earning. As you can see, blogs and diaries can find a very diverse use. And, of course, they can be thematically oriented. The personal profile of the owner of the blog, as a rule, contains keywords to search for interests. It is these words, the headlines of the articles of the blog itself, and other thematic phrases - taken as a basis for the automatic selection of contextual advertising, which, as you have already guessed, is one of the principles of monetization of the blog service.

Personal Internet System

This project is completely authoring and unique, because it can combine elements of various types of projects, designed, in combination with each other, to convey to the world your new ideas, which may well find an empty niche and bring the project the unique success of the discoverer. Portals of random video chats, streaming video broadcasts of sports events with the possibility of on-line commenting and discussion of matches, portals of multiplayer video games - all of these are personal Internet systems that cannot be called typical. Once a blog service, a social network, a media portal and a bulletin board were also the embodiment of the original idea, and were the only projects of its kind. To date, having received the approval of the society and a huge number of grateful users — we can use these names to classify types of large Internet projects. If you have an idea that has no analogs yet, but you doubt whether it will be successful, because it has not been tested by anyone - allow yourself to take a step towards meeting a dream, so as not to regret the inaction at the moment when do it for you.

Since a complex project is not a product with typical capabilities, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice on what kind of capabilities your project should have, how attractive it will be to the masses, and what is its fundamental difference from other network projects.
Of course, you can take up the implementation of any creative solutions, but I would like the customers to be satisfied with the result of cooperation. Therefore, consider, please, before ordering, for example, creating a social network with a wide profile “with a design similar to Facebook” - such a similarity, in spite of the external similarity, will not attract an equally large audience, because one such resource already exists, and all who are interested in it are already using its services. Accordingly, the social network is not filled with users - will not bring benefit to anyone. So having defined, at least approximately with the objectives of the project, how it will look, and the purpose of its implementation - you can reasonably expect a response that will contain the approximate cost and timing of the project. Accurate data - you can calculate only by knowing all the details of the task, and making a technical task. It is much more difficult to answer the question “How much will a social network cost?”. After all, an interested person will not be satisfied with the answer “from zero to infinity,” which sounds as exhaustive as the asked question. After all, inside the project there may be hiding both system tasks, the solution of which is already known, and tasks whose implementation involves the development of new technological solutions.

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