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Development of a marketing kit in Calgary

A marketing kit is a set of marketing materials that can be demonstrated to a client when it is necessary to conclude a deal, agree on a partnership, increase its trust or awaken interest in the company. This is a kit that allows you to visually show your customers, suppliers and partners their competitive advantage, to show the benefits of cooperation with you. According to the format, the marketing kit is usually a mini-book or a universal package of documents, less often an e-book, a presentation or a long Landing-Page.

With careful development of the marketing kit, when various documents have been worked out and combined together, for example, the history of the company, information about its mention in the media, cases and certificates, and marketing materials, you can achieve sales or profit increase. Development of a marketing kit is a serious team work of a manager, an experienced sales manager, a marketing specialist, a copywriter, a designer, and sometimes - a PR man. Creating whale marketing can pursue different goals, but more often it's your selling catalog that can work more efficiently than a commercial offer.

Marketing kit is used by companies:
- To increase sales or profits, particularly in highly competitive niches or when selling expensive services and goods.
- To increase the conversion in complex solutions (for example, IT solutions, technologies).
- For carrying out complex multilateral negotiations, where you need to present your company, demonstrate competitiveness.
- To create a marketing strategy and any marketing documents.
- To form an action plan for the promotion of different channels of communication with the target audience.
- To detach from competitors.
- To expand the customer base.
- To increase customer loyalty to the company, to turn customers into regular customers.
- In advertising and PR-actions.
- To inform about their achievements and events of various media.

Before you order a marketing kit or start developing it, you need to know what main sections and documents it consists of. Marketing kit is a flexible tool, the choice of documents and their format depends on the purpose of its creation. As a rule, the set of documents should contain the following information:
- Description of the company, its mission objectives. Detachment from competitors.
- Description of problems for which the target audience is coming. Plus information on how specific needs of consumers of goods or services are met.
- Material with a list of services or goods. For each service or service area of ​​a separate client group, you can create separate pages.
- Description of the solution to the problem or a special case study. With their help, the company demonstrates how the product or service has solved the problem, the problem of customers. The case studies convince the consumer that his problem will be successfully solved. And faster, cheaper and better.
- Description of the process or product, product and service characteristics.
- History of the company.
- Team.
- Portrait of the ideal client. The
- Portrait of a client with whom you will not make a deal under any conditions, do business.
- A list of customers who have already used the services or bought the goods.
- Case studies, completed projects, success stories (depending on the type of services provided). Portfolio.
- Commercial offer and call to action.
- Customer Testimonials.
- Certificates, licenses, awards, letters of thanks.
- Publications about the company in the media.
- Contact information.

I have been engaged in web design and development for many years, including the exclusive creation of a marketing kit in Calgary or in any other region.

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